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Shake's Place is a site maintained by several people that have two things in common, they know me and they have something they are willing / want to share with you. This site is meant to be thougthful and entertaining, and we hope interactive! Below is a more about each of the contributors; feel free to contact them.

Have Fun,

Editoral Contributors

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The Political Madman (PM)

A "madman" on a mission to make people think about political events around us from radically different points of view. PM does not claim that using any of his ideas will work, but also notes that many ideas currently used don't work either. If you would like to respond to any of the PM's comments feel free to do so, he is likely to respond back...

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Brad Evans

"Wandering around large cities, I look for the strange and ignored, seeking images of what many take for granted. I enjoy watching and photographing people going about their business, juxtaposed and interacting with their worn environments.

Images that are gritty and disorienting interest me the most. Heightened and exaggerated contrast sharpens the division of light and shadow and plays a major role in the images I make. In the end, I want to give the viewer a small yet personalized view of some of the less obvious day-to-day activity on the street. "

Honestly, I'm not really wild about statements, many times they come off a little forced, pretentious or hokey - which the one above feels close to. OTOH, if you think the above is OK, feel free to go with it.

I dunno, I just like shooting odd stuff and seeing how it ends up as a print... Maybe that's a better "statement." :^)

Urban pix:

(Editor's note, yes I know Brad didn't really intend the last bit as part of his statement, but it is one of the best I have seen :))

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Larry Gilbert

Larry's Engineering degrees were from University of Washington and Stanford. His career was highlighted by positions as the Director of an applied research department at both Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory and Stanford Research Institute. Now in retirement, Larry is an activist for quality education and economic development in disadvantaged areas. He has served on numerous boards and has been elected to the City Council.

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Todd Hunter-Gilbert

Just The Facts:
I was born in California and spent my formative years in that state and in Buffalo, NY. In education I persued interests in medicine, computer programming, and, occasionally, writing. I've ended up a programmer and am quite happy with that, though the writing bug keeps nipping at me every time I slow down. Whether writing for Shake's Place will fill that need or exacerbate it...only time will tell.

As my college friends, of whom Shake is one, could tell you, I was quite adamant for a time about never wanting children. How I went from that to wanting them, having them, and, now, writing about them is too long a story for this bio. Perhaps it will make a monthly topic somewhere down
the road.

I have a couple of goals with this column, beyond having fun, and those are to discuss parental rights and responsibilities. In the parental rights arena, I'll specifically target things related to fatherhood, as there is little coverage of that area and support for the men doing it. In the responsibility category, well, we'll just have to see where that one goes over time.

The Disclaimer:
While I of course believe that my wife and I are the best parents on the planet and every decision we make is well-founded and well-implemented, these delusions are limited to us. Don't mistake my enthusiasm for my family for a sign that I think you will be unfulfilled if you don't start a family of your own. Don't think that, just because we chose a particular approach with our son, that I think that approach is the right and only answer for every family.

I probably won't have space to include all such caveats in the monthly columns. So, consider them said here, and on with the show

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Shake (AKA Jeff Klagenberg)

Well being as I have known myself most of my life I guess I am the most qualified to write this...¶

I am a guy who likes people, enjoys taking photographs and loves a technical challenge. Life is meant to be enjoyed and the best way to enjoy it is making it fun for those around you.

Now a number of people ask me how I got my nickname, and the short answer is one day I met too many Dave's. For the long answer you'll need to talk to me and get me a beer (of course I think I win in that exchange). And for the comment about meeting too many Dave's; I do apologize to my nephew: David, to my friends: Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave & Elmer, to my work acquaintances: Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave & Dave, David, Dave, Dale & David.

More of my photography can also be found at:

Have Fun!!!

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Julie Le

Julie is a native Oregonian that recently transplanted herself in Sunnyvale in 2003.  At only 27, she currently runs her own Design Consulting business while attending school full-time to pursue a career in the Music Industry.  When she is not taking care of her soon-to-to 7 year old daughter, she is challenging herself with new hobbies and activities.  Carefree, liberal yet responsible, she is always looking to engage in conversations with anyone. Her philosophy: “I should be learning something new everyday, no matter how miniscule, so teach me!”

Julie Le, Design Consultant
Van Khoi Designs (under construction)

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Andrea Mone (no nicknames that I care to share publicly) Wanna-Be Writer

I was born and spent much of my childhood in Ireland.By the time I was 6, I had read every single Nancy Drew book and startedto write the next in the series . . . . Needless to say in typical 6-year-old form, I grew bored and moved on to the next phase.

I came to the US when I was 11 - via Chicago for 2 1/2 years, and then to the Bay Area where I have pretty much (apart from the occasional jaunt abroad) lived since. I have a degree in Political Science with a German minor from CAL (à la Shake GO BEARS!!). Instead of going the usual route to law school etc., I have ended up in Marketing. I am presently a Director of Marketing for a high-tech start-up. A large part of my job revolves around writing content, however of a technical, industry-specific nature.

Sooooo, I'd like to use Shake's Place as a platform to practice other varieties of writing, in the pursuit of unleashing the creativity I had when I was 6 years old. Pieces I submit will range from short stories to travel articles to film and book reviews to retorts to the Political Madman to the occasional rant on life in the Silicon Valley.

Please feel free to email me at Shake's Place as I amextremely interested in reactions, opinions etc. to my articles. I view Shake's Place as a learning experience and would appreciate the helpinghand of the reader along the way.

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Brian Quigley

The lovely thought of a bio: a self-description. Not something I enjoy (or even consider to be relevant). I prefer to allow my actions to speak for themselves. Please judge (yes judge) me by my actions. Non-actions count too. But a bio will have to do until we meet in person...¶

I was born in Japan on a US military base. I received significant military and Japanese influence during my early years. Conservative, quiet and disciplined. Although not Asian, I am methodical and mathematically focused. Surprised?

After completing computer engineering school in Colorado, I moved to the mecca of computers in '87, Silicon Valley. Placed in this challenging and beautiful environment, I eventually discovered that there was in fact more to life than being a conservative, quiet, disciplined engineer. While geeking, I enjoy volleyball, running, and golf; all with friends without a power cord.

My writing experience consists of several thousand pages of technical documentation plus a few pages of forced prose and poems during high school and college. Perhaps you'll find my writing dry. I prefer Cabernet. And beer even more :-)

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Chris Verrill

Born at a very early age. He then went to school and after that he got some jobs. Somewhere in there he learned how to ride a bike.

Author of the forthcoming international travel biography Is For Good Men To Do Nothing <--- More information about Chris <--- volunteer work for Rotary,542/4.html <--- latest editoral on American Reporter

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Resie Warmke

I live on a cul-de-sac, and I am blessed with a husband, two kids, a dog, a cat and a hamster. Some days I ask myself, "How did I come to be a person with a minivan in her driveway?"

For me, a fun life is one that's full of risks and challenges. One of the funnest things I do from time to time is create something from a groove at the bottom of my soul and then share it with the person who inspired it. Sometimes my head buzzes and I can't do anything useful until I barf up all the stuff that's inside it - sometimes it's good; sometimes it's garbage, but either way it's out of me then.

I choose to go deep with a few close friends rather than be shallow with many. My close friends all share common threads in values and enjoy the spark of a different view. Shake has been my friend most of my life. His great talent for staying in touch with a "How's Life?" every few years has been a force keeping me grounded to what's important in life and friendship.

Tee (aka Resie Warmke)

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