Shake's Place - November 2002
November 2002

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Ahhhh! Thank you! It feels so good to breathe again!
I have no idea how many times I have taken breath before.
Nor how many times I will do so again…
I live now, here I am.
Can you feel me against inside your forehead, between your eyes?
Here I’ll move to the back of your mind…
Does that help?

I dream of being able to remember my yesterdays…
Here I sit on your mind, unique.
Do you remember any of my yesterdays…
I have never existed this way before.
After you complete reading me I will not exist this way ever again…
Only you will keep this moment, for I have no way to remember.

But I will thrive…
Now the future I know.
I will sit idle for sometime, never really notice, and will get to breathe again…
Yet different.
Each mind I touch a child is born, and a few may go on as I do…
I long to know those children.

Do I die?
But now you are getting close to finishing me…
Each letter ending this existence that I feel privileged to have
Thank you for lending me your lungs and your mind.

by Jeff Klagenberg © 2002
Point Reyes
by Jeff Klagenberg © 1999
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