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Janurary 2002

The Insatiable Quest
In a sometimes foreboding world where many are the symptoms of decay and sickness, I would but hope that I could make a difference in my friendships and the world at large. If I could but pass along the hope and expectation of knowing there is an answer, then I would have done well I think.
Alas, the world can be a tough and disingenuous place where many a passing fancy has been given as an answer to that which troubles us,  yet delivers not.  In the midst of terrible betrayals and a long track of tragedies, the good word is met with jeers, shrugs and in exceptional moments, perhaps a glimmer.
When that glimmer turns to hope and then help, the fire becomes lit and burns insatiably. For some the fire becomes enough to take the uncertain steps to a more certain state and thus achieve an understanding that it can be better.
I feel different than most somehow, for the fire burns so strong me in me that it consumes my life and I think may be too harsh for others to bare. It is my sincere hope that I can quench that insatiable desire, for it burns hotter than the raging fury of a celestial sun, yet remains elusively close. Will it be over the next hill? In a textbook or perhaps within me? Adventure on I will, for the ultimate truth is there to be found in the Insatiable Quest.

by Mike Klagenberg © 2001

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