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Poems of the Year 2002

Life & Dreams

Life is more than what it seems.  It's like the sleep
that brings us dreams.

Though when we wake the dream is gone; the
memory of it lingers on.

So take out time to enjoy your life and labor not nor
live in strife.

For many now are filled with fears and their lives
have changed from hope to tears.

So take the time to dry their eyes and lift their hopes
to improve their lives.

The when you sleep and dream your dreams you will
not awake to haunting screams.

Yes life is more than what it seems so take the time
and renew your dreams.

by Patrick Klagenberg

Runners Up:


The road and I meander without apparent purpose.
Dawning images pass.

Now ledge rock, dogwood, crocus and cattail.
Fall's brilliant colors, muted, emerge from the melting snow.
Maple drains. Ready to capture the precious liquid amber.
Elms, stately, elegant, the last to leaf, prepare for joyful explosion.
Crooked stone rows, origin long forgot, mark still boundaries.

Stop by a pond. Ripples, reflections and memories,
Mirroring the sky, and we returning swallows.

I hear the footsteps and ancient voices.
My soul is home.

by Larry Gilbert © 2002

the stop

I stop my car by the road

It is dark and lonely but still I stop

I look at the other car driver smiling at me

My heart pounding because I know one day this could cost me my life

I smile back and my heart settles in my breast

Cause I realize I don't want to live in a world where I can't help

by Jeff Klagenberg © 2000

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