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Poems of the Month September / October '05

Staring Into Fantasia

Calculated dreams, underestimated trials; Ripped out hairs and sleepless denials. Interrupted by silence and cold breaths; Suffocated by the stagnant stale scent.

The heart beats steadily, yet slow; Ankles untouched by the winter snow.
Never knowing what season precedes it; chapped fingertips and chilling lips.

(Staring into fantasia)

I am not where I physically stand. I have grown cynical by all the demands.
I have forgotten what it feels like to strive, for that old theme we used to live by.
Captivated by society; shackled by our own missed identities.

(Staring into fantasia)

Carelessly wondering, what soon will creep; hearing nothing, counting sheep?
I am near a thousand, with my heart pounding.

(Staring into fantasia)

Hit me heard with a rubber mallet. I can’t taste with my stale pallet.
Hopefully I will soon find; the fantasia within my mind.

by Julie Le © 2005

Runners Up:

Why do you go?
When I eagerly anticipated your arrival…
You made me glow with your warm kisses

Though your sultry presence was unbearable at times
You made your amends -- letting me enjoy the
Life I normally wouldn’t partake in when you’re not around

As I ready for your departure, the days feel colder and darker
Yet I still reach out to feel your lingering presence

As I store away memories of another year,
Some are readily discarded, like a worn-out swimsuit

Wishing you would stay longer, but kno

I will see you again. Goodbye Summer.

by Linda Klagenberg © 2005

Upon It All

Count a star, name it twice,
Make a wish, upon no advice,
Hope you can visualize it all,
Through all the clouds, like a wall,
It hinders your mind, like you’ve been blind,
But you still look through all the thickness
And… you won’t let go,
Of all the ambitions that make you grow.
Upon it all, was it all worth it?
Upon it all, can you still grasp it?
Through thick and thin, they try to remind you,
But you can’t let go, of what’s within you.
I trace the lines upon your face,
And with my hands, I want to embrace,
Your touch within mine, leaving but a trace,
Of unbearable lightness, without any disgrace,
Upon it all, was it all worth it?
Upon it all, do you still feel it?
Whether high or low, just don’t give in,
Just don’t let go, of what’s within in.

by Julie Le © 2005

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