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A Modern Epiphany

A planned epiphany occurs surprising the audience
the planner surprised by the surprise

the epiphany unfolds on cue
bringing relief
bringing sadness
bringing hope 

all timed to perfection

the planner center stage with an obliging smile wonders

the wonder kept inside
brings concern
brings doubt
brings resolve

but of course remains hidden as the epiphany ends
a bit off cue

what could that be due the planner considers

walking away from center stage the planner realizes an idea
all without a plan
wearing a smile on the inside

by Jeff Klagenberg © 2004, 2005

Runners Up:

Lady Godiva

 Rich, dark, chocolate
Sweetly, delightful morsel
. . . Drooling, furry Lab

by Linda Klagenberg © 2004, 2005

Sputnik II?

Is it confusion that reigns as we are surrounded by unpursued goals?

Or distraction that snares us?

Are we less powerful than we think?

Or lacking in yesterday’s imagination?

Our dreams and ideas seem to come faster…

But shallower….

Will it take a second Sputnik?

Or has its last orbit past?

by Jeff Klagenberg © 2004, 2005

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