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I listen and follow the words

I am a follower

I learn the words and want to follow them
I am a believer

I show others the meanings of the words
I am a teacher 

I bring the words to outsiders
I am a missionary

I never sway from my belief
I am devout 

I demand others follow my belief
I am a zealot 

I kill those that do not believe my belief
I am a madman

I have others kill those that do not believe as I
I am a coward

by Jeff Klagenberg © 2004, 2005

Runners Up:
The Field

I breathe in my field of flowers
Heart and soul smiling
A weed assaults my eyes
More and more surround me

I toil
Sun pounding my back
Pain embraces my knees
Soil moist from exertion
Why do I toil?

I doubt
Exhausted I slumber
And my field is still there
Where it has always been

I awake and toil
Heart and soul smiling

by Jeff Klagenberg © 2004, 2005

Writer's Magic

Soaring free above the sun-swept sands of gravity's hold,
unfettered by the bonds of an earthly fold.

Freedom abounds from simplicity's cause,
confounded only by complexity's pause.

Set forth by mysteries unknown,
creating adventures to inspire your own.

A universe of wonders to behold,
finding treasures in the stories told.

The writer's hand
can make life so grand.

by Mike Klagenberg © 2003, 2005

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