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Slicing Orion

Too long since I
have contemplated
Just Sky
with a view
to transpose it.

Too long since I
translated the texture
of dried leaves falling
on the face,
feeling the crackling cells
and freeing their sound. 

Too long since I
Have crafted words
to slice Orion’s belt
and wintered the black mass
of time’s cold-boned energy. 

Too long since I
Have seen the bark
And scarred the rights
Of buds that waited,
And starred about, 
with blown-gold embers,
the old hearth - heart 

Too long too
since the throw-rug snow
quilted eyes with a view
to lick the powdered liquid
plastered thick and crusty
and reveal, revive, renew
the painted inner suit of life.

by jhaffur khan azad darakth 4-19-01 © 2005

Runners Up:

The Climb

Breathing deafens me
Sweet air burning my lungs
Heat and light vie for attention
But lost in amazement

A sweet sweat bead drops
A fall so far
A reminder

Eyes consume
Consumption consumes
All else is ignored
Until the visual feast is over

The body relaxes

by Jeff Klagenberg © 2005

Think Big

Shiny, silver droplets merge together
Forming a mirror to peer into
Don’t waste your time gazing
When there is so much more to reflect upon
Than just yourself 

by Linda Klagenberg © 2005

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